Adventist Heritage Centre

Establishment of the Heritage Centre

The Adventist Heritage Centre was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) Limited. It is administered by a Committee appointed quadrennially by the Executive Committee of the establishing organization.

Purpose of the Heritage Centre

The purpose of the Heritage Committee is to locate and store all forms of historical material; tell the story of the Conference through written reports, articles, and accounts of events, people, and institutions; and make historical data available to church members, institutions and the general public.

Importance of the Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre serves as a repository of historical data and materials. It is important that the Church preserve a memory of past events and the people who made them happen. The future of the Adventist Church in Queensland is based on a belief in the guidance of God in the past and present.

Scope of the Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre is the official repository of historical materials and artefacts in all sizes, shapes and forms that have been deeded or given to the Centre. It does not, however, replace the effort of the local congregation to identify and preserve its history. It does, however, focus on those activities, programs, and persons which and who have served the church across the territory of the South Queensland Conference. Although in its infancy, the Heritage Centre is intended to assist those who seek general information as well as the serious researcher. 

Heritage Collection

The Heritage Centre is developing a collection of records in as broad a manner as possible. This includes published documents, newsletters, articles, histories, books, photographs, audio-visual recordings, transcripts of interviews, and such other materials as may be deposited with the Centre. 

Heritage Committee 2011-2013

Dr Arnold Reye, Chairman
Mr Terry Dever
Mr Allan Hedges
Pr Malcolm Potts
Dr Alan Savige
Mr James Searle
Mr Robert Sheehy
Mrs Jan Took
Ms Dell Topel