Short History of Wynnum Seventh-day Adventist Church

In 1915 the Queensland Conference held a camp here at Wynnum.  The Courier Mail dated Monday 20 September 1915 reported the following:

"The annual camp meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist is being held at Wynnum South.   Pastor Butz is in charge of the camp which is well ordered and consists of 54 tents as temporary homes for those attending.  The meetings are held in a large pavilion and there are two others in which young people's and children's meetings are held twice daily.  For the comfort and convenience of visitors and campers there is a well-equipped kitchen.  There are about 250 persons in camp and all the meetings are well attended."

The campsite would have been in the block where the Salvation Army is currently situated, bounded by Florence, Akonna and Edith Streets and Waterloo Esplanade.  At that time it was known as Wynnum South and was the usual camping spot.  Campers may have travelled by train or by boat from Brisbane.

In 1913  Mr Henry Cooper, a colporter, was asked by the Queensland Conference to locate at Wynnum and provide an Adventist presence.  In 1932 meetings were held in a member's home in Wynnum Road.  In 1935 Pastor Reg Burns held public evangelistic meetings at Wynnum in the local theatre and at the Manly RSL Hall.  Ron Gray assisted him.  Many years later Ron became manager of the Sanitarian Health Food factory in Brisbane.  In 1936 Pastor Reg Burns conducted another series of meetings in the RSL Hall in Tingal Road.  Weekly services were held in the RSL Hall which first had to be cleaned because of the Friday night functions.  Towards the end of 1937 the Wynnum Seventh-day Adventist Church was organized.  In 1938 Pastor S W Carr came to Wynnum.  He had spent many years working in Papua new Guinea and Fiji.  He used to ride his push bike around the district and became a well known local identity.   Services were held in the RSL Hall for several years and then in the Wynnum Church of England Hall.

In 1947 a block of land was purchased on the corner of Carnation and Sunflower Streets Wynnum for fifty pounds.  In 1948 the Methodist Hall at Mitchelton was purchased and transported by road to the site.  A new roof was put on.

On 4 September 1949 the Wynnum Church was dedicated.  The following appeared in the Australian Record 21 November 1949.

"At 2:30 pm a large number of visitors and friends assembled outside the church to witness the opening.  Speaking from the steps of the church the Hon W M Gunn, MLA member for Wynnum, expressed his pleasure at being on this very important occasion.  Alderman Howard had the privilege of opening the church door.  A special feature of the service was the solo by Mr Unwin, entitled Open the Gates of the Temple, sung from inside the building just before the door was opened."

On 1 February 1950 the first wedding was held in the church.

In 1951 a hall was added.  On 29 May 1958 the council gave approval for the extension to the church and 21 March 1962 approval was given for the baptismal font.

On 15 December 1962 the 25th Anniversary was celebrated.

Over the years twenty-four pastors have cared for Wynnum Church.

The church celebrated a Jubilee in 1987.  Past ministers were invited to  officiate at the  Sabbath School and main preaching services.  A luncheon and special afternoon meeting was held at which several past and present members presented Wynnum reminisces.  In the evening a special sit down dinner was enjoyed by a hundred participants.

A special book Wynnum Jubilee 1937-1987 was published.